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System Logistics proves once more that it is the preferred warehouse automation partner for large supermarket chains: EcorNaturaSì has commissioned System Logistics to design and construct a sophisticated automatic picking system for its new Bologna hub.

The system is divided into two areas: General Groceries at room temperature, and Dairy and Meat products at controlled temperature (+4°C).

The preparation of general groceries takes place in an automatic picking area coordinated by MOPS® (Modular Order Picking System), which handles around 4,500 SKU's and is composed of a package warehouse with 5 miniloaders and a dedicated automatic pallet loading and unloading area.

The dairy and meat products (+ 4°C) preparation area handles the flow of packages from vendor pallet deliveries to delivery roll preparation. 
The area is composed of triple-depth pallet storage, with two linear shuttles equipped with a Digisat picking unit, and a mixed roll preparation area which handles around 1000 different SKU's.
High throughput codes are handled by PPS (Pick to Pallet System), which provides for manual picking directly from the pallet and automatic pallet resupply by a system of gravity rollerway shuttles.