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MODULA US, Lewiston

Modula’s North American headquarters located in Lewiston, Maine covers more than 102,000 Ft.2 of production and engineering space and employs 60 people of whom 10 are responsible for sales across the U.S. and Canada.

 The Lewiston plant is dedicated to production of the Modula® Horizontal Carousel and Inserter/Extractors for automatic carousel solutions. Other technologies also produced and supported include the VLS (Vertical Line Sequencer) and the Modula® Vertical Carousel, all of which are produced using automated punching, bending and welding processes, and finished using an integrated fully automatic powder coating line.

 Modula® products and services portfolio includes:

  • Vertical Carousels
  • Vertical Lift Modules
  • Horizontal Carousels
  • Fully Featured Software Suite
  • 24/7 Customer Care Program

SYSTEMS B/U, Grand Rapids

System Logistics North American headquarters is located in Grand Rapids Michigan. The business is staffed with design and engineering teams to support both new potential projects and existing customer projects. The team consists of sales, solutions consultants, mechanical design engineers, controls engineers, software engineers, and the service support teams for existing clients.

 The System Logistics operations are focused as a primary target on the Food and Beverage Industries while our solutions can also be applied to other industries such as consumer packaged goods and other market segments. System Logistics develops custom solutions based on our client’s strategic operational requirements. Our system solutions provide a safer environment, reductions in operational costs, higher throughput, reduced cycle times, reduced labor costs, all allowing you to expand your market presence, both in the U.S. and globally.

The System Logistics solutions can consist of:

  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems for both pallet, totes, and packaged goods
  • Deep lane pallet storage systems
  • Automated pallet transfer on Conveyors or SVL units
  • The automatic pick to pallet systems (APPS) that provide automated robotically pallet build
  • The MOPS Modular Order Picking Systems with great level of scalability and throughput
  • The Systore WMS/WCS software systems to simplify your operations and allow a greater level of management, monitoring, and traceability of your operations