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The launch of the new APPS (Automatic Pick To Pallet System) by System Logistics at Drinktec 2013 was a great success. The public at the international beverage and liquid foods salon – more than 67,000 visitors from 183 countries, for an increase of 14% over the previous edition - was given a preview of the new system, the ideal solution for Food & Beverage customers looking to automate their picking processes with up to 1000 SKU's, and large order volumes with three or four SKU's per multi-code pallet with good repeatability (from six to ten packs/line).

APPS was designed by System Logistics on the basis of its MOPS solution (Modular Order Picking System). It is a complete, flexible and modular automatic picking system, able to break down single-code pallets according to incoming orders and configure multi-code pallets in the most complex situations (high number of orders, high level of fragmentation). It is based on system logistics' “Best fitting” software, a volumetric calculator which autonomously determines the best pallet stacking scheme.

APPS is simple to implement and operate, with a scalable investment, and reduces space requirements while making the picking process itself more efficient.