Systore™ - MATERIAL HANDLING software

Systore is a framework which supports the system in the management of equipment, workforce and processes within the warehouse



Systore has a multi-level architecture: each component in the structure is able to perform a task corresponding to different areas (warehouse, APS, Modula, …)

This architecture has a high level of scalability, an easy deployment policy, and connects simply to third parties (software-machinery).

Continuously updated with the latest generation technologies, Systore™ software applications can increase productivity and efficiency, reduce workforce requirements and costs within the warehouse.

Systore comprises three main parts:

  • WCS: Warehouse Control System, with the function of controlling all the machines within the solution, it manages and integrates the control of material handling systems within the warehouse. It controls the lowest level of the software.
  • WMS – Warehouse Management System, with the function of controlling the logical part of the solution, it optimizes the workforce and use of equipment within the warehouse. It controls the highest level of the software.
  • WES – Warehouse Execution System,  is a software suite with the function of synchronizing order fulfilment, material handling systems and shipping systems.