distribution centers

System Logistics develops automated storage and picking solutions with the aim of improving service within the supply chain, reducing the cost of handling packages




System Logistics is the ideal partner for the design and development of highly automated distribution centres. By implementing flexible solutions, the customer can meet constantly changing market needs, at the same time optimize the supply chain and service level at the point of sale.

The key benefits obtained thanks to the automated storage and order preparation solutions for distribution centres are:


  • improved space utilization and storage density
  • increased receiving and shipping capabilities


  • late cut-off times
  • shortened delivery lead time
  • higher delivery frequency
  • greater reactivity in order preparation and management of rush jobs


  • reduction in workforce
  • cost reduction thanks to stock centralization
  • reduced costs on delivery routes
  • better transport capacity 
  • reduction in cost per package handled


  • better pallet stability and capacity
  • reduction in shipment preparation errors
  • preparation of orders according to customized sequences (unloading, product category, stackability)
  • possibility of automatic connection between the point of sale reordering system and warehouse preparation

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