automated storage and buffering

The automated storage solutions offered by System Logistics can meet all the needs of different types of warehouse

The automated storage solutions are applicable to:

  • raw material warehouses
  • semi-finished product warehouses
  • finished product warehouses

The flexibility of the System Logistics automated warehouses enables each individual solution to be configured on the basis of the different customer needs:

  • Unit: possibility of storing pallets, containers, boxes or other;
  • Shelving depth: single, double and multiple depth storage solutions;
  • Shelving: self-supporting or internal
  • Storage temperature: room temperature, controlled temperature (air conditioned) or refrigerated;
  • Picking systems: integration of different picking systems (automated, semi-automated, manual)
  • Material and pallet transport systems: handling using different technologies (SVLs, laser guided vehicles, roller or chain pallet conveyors) 
  • Level of automation: solutions suited to the investment budget.