spl - steady picking location

The SPL solution is particularly suited for picking operations with medium picking volumes



The SPL solution is based on the innovation of SVL (System Vehicle Loop) handling systems.

By fully exploiting the concept of goods-to-man, stored pallets or those placed in temporary stations are sequentially conveyed and sorted to the order picking areas according to FIFO/LIFO criteria, possible stacking classes, reverse picking systems, etc. 
The customer pallet prepared in this way is then automatically put back into the warehouse to await shipment.

This solution, normally integrated with an automated warehouse with stacker cranes, is set up as a series of highly ergonomic “work islands” (picking bays) equipped with gripping aids, weighing scales, lifting platforms and PC workstations.
The SPL solution is particularly suited to medium picking volumes (fewer than 4,000 packages/hour), more than 300 SKUs, and around 8/10 packages per order row.


In comparison to other automation solutions, the main advantages of the new SPL solution for the end user are:

  • significant increase in operator performance
  • improvement in working conditions
  • reduction in errors
  • containment of order processing times

Watch the video about SPL: