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System Logistics with Italtrans at “Italday 19”

Automated picking and robot for the preparation of the order pallet

System Logistics will attend Italday, an event organized by Italtrans for the inauguration of the logistics hub in Calcio, on 7th June.

Institutions, experts and professionals in the field, selected and invited by Italtrans, will experience the unveiling of System Logistics' new plant. 

The system consists of a double-depth stocking system served by 10 stacker cranes (26 metre high), totalling a capacity of 30,200 pallet slots and a material handling system comprising 10 SVL shuttles.
In addition, an MOPS system is available for automatic picking of individual packages. This is used for preparing customer's pallets and consists of 6 miniloads that manage 31,000 packages, 2 ergonomic bays for pallet picking, a picking station for roll container handling, 2 manual palletizing stations and one automatic depalletizing station equipped with vision system. 

During the event, an additional automatic picking system with dual robot for the automatic preparation of customer's pallets will also be operated for the first time.  

This event will be a major opportunity for System Logistics to stage the company's interest in the grocery sector and to reassert its position as intralogistics leader in the field.