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System Logistics signed the automatic warehouse of Eurostandard

The new logistics center of Eurostandard, located close to the production plant in Tesero, was recently completed.

System Logistics has designed, built and installed an automatic storage facility where now all the logistics activities for customer service (finished product) are located.
The system consists of 3 stacker cranes, 4 bays for manual picking, 7 SVL shuttles and Systore software.
The innovation of the warehouse is represented by the system of steering shuttles SVL, used for the connection of the automatic warehouse to all the input/output bays. This innovative sorting system of loading units has the aim to satisfy handling requirements particularly intensive through a set of vehicles each provided with its own motorization, moving on a loop path which carries the load units from the stacker cranes bays to the picking/shipping bays and vice versa.

Eurostandard is specialized in the production of polyethylene PE100 fittings for the construction of transport networks of combustible gases, water and fluids under pressure.