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System Logistics has recently achieved a new great result thanks to the realization of an automated warehouse and material handling system for Coca-Cola HBC in the Edelstal plant in Austria.

The system, who passed the final test at the end of December, is an FRS (Fast Rotation Storage) type and is composed of an internal rack in multiple depth, 12 m high distributed on 5 levels, for total 29.520 pallet locations.

The material handling activities are carried out through 15 shuttle cars equipped with digisat trolleys and aisle equipment, 30 infeed/outfeed bays, 6 infeed/ outfeed single-pallet vertical pallet lifts, 9 steering shuttles and 3 dispatch sequencer shuttles.
10 AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) complete the material handling phase. They are able to move 3 pallets (Finish Good or Empty Pallet stacks) at a time, picking up or depositing the load unit without human intervention.

WMS SYSTORE® will coordinate, manage and control all the material handling operations, from pallets storage managing, inventory, shipping and communications.

This solution will optimize space utilization and will guarantee the maximum throughput, aiming at the automated management of internal logistics from the automated warehouse towards the production departments and vice versa.

All the equipment contained in the scope of supply is fully designed and manufactured  by System Logistics, allowing the full project control from designing, manufacturing, installation and then after sales, a feature which characterizes all turn-key solutions by System Logistics.