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At drinktec 2017 System Logistics presented the new APPS system

APPS (Automatic Pick to Pallet System) is a robotized solution that allows the preparation of multi-flavored pallets according to pre-defined combinations of SKUs.

Specifically designed for food and beverage producers and bottlers, APPS enables the composition of a broad spectrum of order mixed pallets according to customer’s needs.

The system is composed of SVL (System Vehicles Loops) connecting different areas of the system (from production or warehousing area to palletizing, and from palletizing to shipment area).

Scalable and modular robot palletizing stations automatically build mixed pallet orders as per customer's request directly from the source pallet. They can easily be integrated into larger picking solutions.

The APPS is equipped with an innovative (advanced) vision camera system that can detect the final position of the pack on the source pallet.