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nuova era spa and modula: succesful testing for system logistics

There was a positive outcome for the testing of the new warehouses at Nuova Era S.p.a. based in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia) and Modula in Salvaterra (Reggio Emilia), companies belonging to the System group and operating respectively in the ceramics sector and in the design and production of vertical automated warehouses. 

The storage system produced for Nuova Era was extended through the addition of a new stacker crane which, together with the existing one, will implement the total storage capacity. To support the current expansion, a new infeed bay for the management of stacker cranes was installed, as well as a double rectilinear shuttle serving two picking bays.

The Salvaterra warehouse also passed the inspection. The system comprises two 23 m stacker cranes with single-depth telescopic forks, and a System Vehicle Loop with 6 single SVL shuttles. The IT management of the system is carried out through Systore, which integrates all the parts provided.