The mini-load systems are goods handling systems designed to handle lightweight loads in various types of cases, containers and boxes



The mini-load system is a high-performance automated warehouse with a mono-column or bi-column structure for the handling of lightweight loads.

The mini-load systems pick and place the individual loads from/in storage cells within the shelves. When the loads are taken from the various storage cells, they are then delivered to the output bays, which direct the loading units to another area within the system for picking, packaging or shipment.

The systems are equipped with one or more storage bays according to picking requirements. These solutions provide a high productivity picking system which is completely automated, fast and safe.
System Logistics produces different versions of the mini-load system, which can be configured according to project requirements. 

Some features:

  • Type of loading unit: metal or plastic containers, boxes, trays and others

  • Load capacity: up to 650 Kg

  • Height: up to 22 m

  • Horizontal speed: up to 5.5m/s

  • Load lifting devices: telescopic forks, single bench, grips or drives, etc.

Watch the video: