vls (vertical lift sequencer)

The VLS manages order picking requirements through sequencing and the temporary vertical arrangement of packages



The VLS is a temporary storage device, characterized by a low footprint due to the vertical design. The machine uses lifting beam technology and a unique combination of a bottom handling extractor and cantilever finger storage to reliably handle a wide variety of totes, cartons and other loads types.

Solutions can be driven by order picking or sequencing requirements or by imbalances in general material flows within a distribution system.  
Vertical Lift Sequencers will most often be implemented in groups or “blocks” to achieve rate and storage capacity requirements.  Each VLS block is managed by an automated transport system.
Thanks to its flexibility, the VLS technology can be used in many different applications. Its main features are:

  • Accurate sequencing for automated mixed pallet creation
  • Management of temporary imbalances between picking and shipment
  • Buffering of imbalances between manufacturing processes
  • Automatic replenishment of conveyors used for the manual picking of packages

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