System Logistics USA promotes US technologies branded Vertique:

Swift Pick

The SwiftPick System increases the individual picking rates and efficiencies of the product flow through automation. The solution incorporates proprietary software that enables operators to use a mobile device or tablet as their case picking monitor. It further allows users to pick at a pace that keeps the line conveyor full of product- increasing the overall units per hour moving through the system.


Vertique Case Picking

Vertique offers varying automation levels based on both our client’s current ROI requirements and future needs:.

Semi-Automated Vertique (SAV), Fully-Automated Vertique (FAV), and solutions for Buffering.


VPS Software

Software is the fundamental building block for any successful warehouse automation solution. VPS is the industry-leading proven software that powers it all.


VTP Palletizers

VTP Palletizers utilize robotic technology for efficient, flexible and scalable pallet loading. Layer forming robots enable quick pallet changeovers, gentle product handling and minimal maintenance. VTP Palletizers are among the most flexible on the market and handle a wide range of products and packaging formats with minimal changeover between products and configurations.