• PEPSICO - Saudi Snack Foods, SAUDI ARABIA
  • PEPSICO - Saudi Snack Foods, SAUDI ARABIA
  • PEPSICO - Saudi Snack Foods, SAUDI ARABIA
  • PEPSICO - Saudi Snack Foods, SAUDI ARABIA
  • PEPSICO - Saudi Snack Foods, SAUDI ARABIA


HBWH for finished goods

The Company
Saudi Snack Foods Company is a subsidiary of PepsiCo
and amongst its major brands include Lays, Doritos,
Cheetos, Sunbites, & Quavers in addition to the local
Tasali brand. Thanks to strong global brands and
excellent selling and manufacturing capabilities,
Pepsico has a strong presense throughout the region
with sufficient scale to operate efficiently and expand
the industry.

Problems and Objectives
SSFL has a strong presense in the GCC and Levant,
and, due to a rapid market growth and expansion, the
business required additional storage space and opted
for additional inventory management, fast and
precise order preparation activities, just in time
inventory in order to be able to further manage and
schedule production and delivery. System Logistics
has been involved to support Pepsico as a partner to
figure out the complexity of SSFL plant needs and
requirements and to develop and organize different
logistic flow activities according to the growth of the

The solution and the results
System Logistics provided SSFL Riyadh Plant with the
design and turn-key installation of an HBWH for finished
goods, in order to let the customer have goods stock,
orders configuration and right deliveries under control.
First step, a storage capacity of 8,000 pallet slots has
been obtained within an area of nearly 3,800 sqm
installing a double depth internal rack 16m-6-level-high,
where 6 stacker cranes operate. The entire system is
dimensioned to be able to handle plastic pallets of
1,000mm x 1,200mm, with a maximum height of 2,000
Finished product pallets are built manually on 24 inlet
bays which are connected to three stretch wrapper
machines by two shuttles, transporting each one-two
pallets and moving both on the same rail, sorting pallets
according to the stretch wrapper machine availability.
The third stretch wrapper machine is working as a spare
machine, just in case one of the other machines would
stop, in order to ensure high efficiency at the HBWH
inlet. Furthermore, since the pallets are quite high and
composed by light boxes, in order to avoid any damage
before stretch wrapping, both shuttles are equipped by
top pressure devices.
A main conveyor path constituted by roller and chain is
connecting this part of the plant with the automatic
warehouse inbound.
The handling system takes advantage of the SVL
monorail steering shuttles technology to face the high
flows of pallets required (150 pallets IN/150 Pallets
A loop with 11 independent steering shuttles (SVL)
connects the storage section of this part to all the
system peripherals, entry bays from the outside and
shipping bays.
All the operations are managed by Systore® WMS,
developed by System Logistics and connected to the
company system SAP.
One and a half years later, due to the sharp market
growth, SSFL asked for an expansion of the stock.
System Logistics then designed and installed a multidepth
warehouse with 2,000 pallet places capacity to
increase the total stock capacity of the Riyadh plant.
Today the nominal storage capacity is 10,000 pallets
slots and inlet/outlet flows are consisting of 200