apps - automatic pick to pallet system

APPS is the ideal solution for the automation of food & beverage picking processes characterized by up to 1000 SKUs and a high number of repeated orders


APPS uses two innovative components:

  • A pallet feeding system (FRS - Fast Rotation Storage), which ensures the right speed of picking operations;
  • A robotized handling / manipulation  system able to take individual cartons, bundles, cases, etc. from pallets and place them to form mixed pallets thanks to a high-reliability laser vision system.

With APPS, the management of the individual package is delegated to an anthropomorphic robot equipped with a sophisticated vision system which performs all the handling and manipulation operations for different types of package (cartons, bundles, cases, etc.). Picking them directly from the source pallets and building up the mixed pallet, they make the entire process streamlined, efficient and simple.
Based on the functioning of APPS, a number of studies and developments have been made by System Logistics on the Best Fit® software, a volumetric calculation algorithm which autonomously determines the best palletization layout.

In comparison to other automation solutions, the main advantages of the new APPS for the end user are:

  • ease of implementation and management
  • scalability of the investment
  • reduction in space
  • picking efficiency

Watch our video about APPS