MOPS (Modular Order Picking System) is a mixed picking pallet system with a high degree of automation



MOPS is a completely automated order picking system which, starting from the initial loading unit (pallet), separates the package using an automated depalletizer. The single loading unit is then sent to the dedicated storage system and, through Best Fit software, the optimum composition of the client pallet (mixed) is determined. The miniload system extracts the items belonging to the mixed pallet from the warehouse and direct them  to Synchron, which creates the sequence requested by the Best Fit software, and directs them to the automatic palletizer.

Data traceability is guaranteed by the system, which follows the package step by step, maintaining the parallelism between the logical data and the physical data across the entire life cycle of the package.

The following technologies are present within MOPS:

  • Pallet storage: stacker cranes, FRS (Fast Rotation Storage), shuttles
  • Pallet transport: SVLs (System Vehicle Loops) 
  • Depalletization: robot which dismantles by layer and separates the package, or by individual package, with vision system (APPS), or high-productivity and ergonomic manually-assisted disassembly solutions
  • Package transport: conveyor belts (rubber coated), without the need for support, which safely, quickly and reliably transport packages
  • Package storage: miniload system and VLS (Vertical Lift Sequencer, where the latter performs sequencing)
  • Synchronizer/Sequencer: Syncron
  • Palletization: automated (through a single/double robot) or manually-assisted

MOPS deals with a large range of different products (over 95% of products managed within large-scale distribution) precisely because it can handle packages without support trays. The number of items that can be managed through the MOPS system is very variable: from a couple of hundred to a few thousand.

The MOPS system depends on the Best Fit® software, which is based on a unique approach consisting of the use of an iterative algorithm for the optimization of the solution for each pallet. Best Fit® considers the restrictions for each SKU. This ensures that the system consistently builds stable pallets for all order combinations starting from the customer needs.

Originally designed and developed to satisfy requirements of the beverage industry, MOPS is also well suited to other sectors, from the food industry, to distribution (logistics operators, small-medium-large scale distribution, HORECA channel, etc.). 
It can be used in product warehouses at room temperature (“dried”), food and non-food, for fresh products (meat, dairy, cold cuts, dairy products, fruit and vegetables), and frozen products.


  • Unique technology: the package is handled and stored without the need for trays or other supports.
  • Modular nature of the MOPS solution: enables the individual modules (machines etc.) to be “moved” in order to create the best ad hoc solution for the specific customer situation.
  • Command and control of the system: System Logistics is the in-house supplier of all the principal technologies contained within the system (machinery, hardware, software, engineering), and therefore is able to guarantee more than any other the quality of the proposed solution.
  • Experience acquired in automated palletization (through numerous systems already realized and operating in Europe and in America).
  • Customer-orientated: characterizes the modus operandi of System Logistics, unlike other providers who offer “fixed” or “standard” solutions which are not optimized to the needs of the individual customer. 

Watch our video about MOPS solution: