PPS (Pick-to Pallet) System is an extremely flexible intensive picking system



PPS is an evolution of the ARP system, and does not require the connection to an automated storage system.
The picking operator (guided by the WMS through radio communication) picks the packages directly from the pallets stored in static positions and/or picking bays, preparing the customer pallet on its transpallet. With the possibility of quickly replacing the pallets relating to low and medium rotation codes, PPS combines the advantages of man-to-goods systems with those of goods-to-man systems.
PPS is best suited to medium-high and/or variable picking volumes and SKUs, and where picking is particularly divided (packages/order-row = 10-12). The system “automatically” configures itself based on the number of codes to be managed and their frequency of use, and enables workforce savings of up to 25-30% as well as a considerable reduction in the space used.

Watch our video about PPS: