Adelholzener Alpenquellen

From its headquarters in Siegsdorf, Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH offers mineral water and medicinal spring water along with numerous soft drinks under the brands Adelholzener and Active O2. The company belongs to the Covenant of the Merciful Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul. After making investments designed to preserve long-term jobs, the religious order uses the revenue from the company to finance its social projects. Among other things, the Merciful Sisters also run hospitals and nursing homes.


Adelholzener Alpenquellen GmbH has invested in a state-of-the-art, digitalised value chain. Alongside a new Krones filling line, a fully-automated high-bay warehouse has been built here with a height of 42 m and 23,700 pallet storage spaces. In the process, special attention was paid to sustainability and ensuring that the new warehouse blends in as unobtrusively as possible into the surrounding Alpine landscape. Thanks to the full integration of all individual technical elements and the SitePilot Software Suite, Adelholzener has been provided with an overall solution that enables the highest degree of availability and performance. The entire project was implemented by System Logistics GmbH as the general contractor.

  • Fully-automated, double deep, 42 m high high-bay warehouse with 6 aisles and approx. 23,700 pallet storage spaces
  • Performance: 138 pallets in & 315 out / hour
  • 6 stacker cranes with 2-way load suspension devices, energy recovery units and power-dependent reduction
  • Fully automatic pallet testing and replacement system: 5 pallet exchangers, 4 pallet inspection units
  • Conveyor systems technology & travelling carriages for supplying empties to the directly connected sorting and filling plants
  • Direct production connection via an electric monorail system, which runs over the production building
  • Disposal from the filling plants: ~ 600 pallets / hour
  • Supply to the block storage: 300 pallets / hour
  • Direct loading connection via an electric monorail system
  • 24 buffer lanes for rear loading and conveyor systems technology connection for side loading
  • Performance: 300 pallets / hour
  • SitePilot Logistics Execution Software Suite
  • SCADA system visualisation
  • Existing inventory taken over / system switched over during just a single weekend during on-going operation
  • Expansion of the storage capacity without any increase in floor space requirements
  • Integration of the entire value chain


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