Intralogistics Web Conference - 18.06.2020

Intralogistics Web Conference - 18.06.2020

Although the world is starting slowly up again after the covid-19 pandemic, many are still working from home. For this reason we are organizing a webinar dedicated for our customers from the Netherlands on the 18th of June where we would like to share our vision, knowledge and benefits to you when it comes to optimizing your intralogistics processes.

The webinar is free of charge and a great - low key - opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and see the possibilities we can offer. In the afternoon there will be one on one consulting sessions available with our specialists for specific questions or discussions about possible cases at your plant.

Please let us know by replying to if you and/or your colleagues want to attend our webinar and also if you wish to take part in the afternoon consulting session.



10:00  Welcome to the House of Krones

Douwe Gorter, Head of Sales, Krones Netherlands


10:30  Exploring the limits of flexibility

Christopher Häglsperger, Marketing, System Logistics GmbH


11:00  Portfolio of solutions for the food & beverage industry

Thomas Lang, Head of Sales, System Logistics GmbH


11:30  Mastering intalogistics solutions: Case study scenarios 

David Tena, Head of Market Operations, System Logistics GmbH


Afternoon  Individual intralogistics consulting


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