Coca-Cola HBC Austria supplies through Edelstal’s plant the whole Austrian market with products of The Coca-Cola Company, serving over 60.000 customers in the entire country. The company is part of the Coca-Cola Hellenic family which is one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers in the world, and it is also one of the biggest production facilities in Coca-Cola Hellenic.

The need of Coca-Cola HBC was to in-house all the warehousing requirements, to increase the capacity within the existing building without modifying the throughput and to connect the production lines to the automated warehouse. This scope was reached with the Laser Guided Vehicles, which represent a very flexible solution.


System Logistics implemented a technical solution composed of 4 main components interacting one with the other. 10 Laser Guided Vehicles transport the pallets coming from the production, representing a very innovative approach in the beverage industry. These pallets are then stocked in the FRS (Fast Rotation Storage) system which is constituted by 4 stocking blocks having 3 aisles with 6 elevators.
FRS ensures the vertical movement of pallets through 15 shuttles equipped with digisat trolleys, and works as a buer stock. 9 SVL (System Vehicle Loops) connect the FRS and the loading area, ensuring the right speed and flexibility according to the loading capacity. Finally, a despatch sequencer manages the right loading sequence of the trucks according to the customer’s orders for just-in-time shipment.



System Logistics provided the optimal solution with the best throughput capacity that permitted the customer to in-house all warehousing requirements.



The whole solution was delivered exactly on time, it has solved all the external warehousing requirements by in-housing everything and is fully meeting all the throughput and cost requirements needed by the customer.

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