Maspex Wadowice Group is one of the largest players in Central and Eastern Europe market in food and beverage sector. It operates with several companies and brands which are market leaders in the production and distribution of juices, nectars and soft drinks in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, and is the leading F&B producer in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania. It is also amongst the top producers and distributors for instant beverages (cappuccino, cocoa, milk and coffee powder and tea) and pasta in Poland and Romania markets.

In order to satisfy the challenging logistics requirements of Maspex supply chain, in 2009 System Logistics provided a new logistic center of Tychy with the utmost sophisticated and modern automated technologies installed in this part of Europe. As further support, in order to cope with the business growth and future challenges, in 2015 the original project has been completed with the distribution center extension.


The distribution center operates in an area of ??over 30,000 m2 with buildings up to 35 m high.

The first part of the high-bay warehouse has been expanded with 9 new stacker cranes, for additional 34,560 pallets, reaching a total capacity of 88,560 pallet positions and a total of 24 stacker cranes 32 meters high.

Automation for the picking and shipping activities were also been expanded in the 4 floors building of more than 11.000 square meters, where now 4 rings with 58 SVL shuttles operate in junction with different automated technologies for efficient truck loading and order preparation by means of 2 robotized layer pickers, 16 case picking stations and specific equipment for co-packing. More than 8,000 pallets per day can be worked out by the distribution center and shipped by loading just-in-time the trucks with peaks up to 410 pallets/hour.

The extension keeps the particular compactness of the original project and has been installed and started up without any interruption of the running activity of the distribution center. All operations are carried out with the utmost speed and efficiency, ensuring the ability to ship orders to Maspex customers by the morning after the day of receipt.

All the system is managed by Systore®, the WMS software developed by System Logistics and connected with the company's SAP ERP. The technologies which have been used and the principles of modularity of the entire project ensure the maximum reliability of operation.

With this expansion, the site of Maspex in Tychy is amongst the most important achievements of System Logistics in the world in terms of storage capacity, quantity of stacker cranes and kind of automation. installed.

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