stacker cranes

The stacker cranes automate product input and output operations, ensuring fast and precise control of warehouse stock and eliminating manual operating errors.

Designed for automated material storage, stacker cranes move lengthwise along the aisles between the warehouse shelves, where they enter, position the load, and extract the materials.  The loading units are moved through picking from the appropriate bays by the handling system and subsequent placing in the storage cells and vice versa. 

The handling of loads is completely automatic, fast and safe.
The key benefits of using stacker cranes within a storage system are: 

  • Automation of the product input and output operations
  • Fast and accurate warehouse controls and updates, facilitating the inventory system 
  • Elimination of manual errors
  • The possibility of adjusting to special working conditions (temperature -30°, high humidity)

System Logistics produces multiple versions of stacker cranes, which can be configured according to the following characteristics:

  • Type of loading unit being handled: pallets, metal or plastic containers, frames and others
  • Load capacity: from 600 to 3000 kg
  • Height: up to 40 m
  • Number of columns: one or two
  • Number of pallets: one or two
  • Horizontal speed: up to 4m/s
  • Load lifting devices: single or double-depth telescopic forks; multi-depth satellite vehicles
  • Temperature: room temperature, controlled temperature or cold storage

The stacker cranes are driven by Systore, the WMS management software, which coordinates the activities.

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