• MODULA in the USA

    The Lewiston (Maine) base of System Logistics is now operating under the MODULA® brand.


    MODULA® products and services portfolio includes:

    • Vertical Carousels
    • Vertical Lift Modules
    • Horizontal Carousels
    • Fully Featured Software Suite
    • 24/7 Customer Care Program 

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    The System Logistics North American operations

    are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


    Our custom automated solutions ensure:

    • reductions in operating costs
    • higher throughput
    • reduced cycle times
    • flexibility for future expansion
    • our SystoreTM software to help manage your operations

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    The largest automated picking system in the beverage industry has been installed in Sándalo, Seville.


    • 110,000 pallets
    • 33 stacker cranes
    • 3.000 order picking lines per day
    • More than 900+900 pallet/hour IN/OUT

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    Management of the marked increase in stock to be stored and handling volumes through FRS system (Fast Rotation Storage)


    Multi-depth warehouse

    11.000 pallets locations

    9 levels of FRS shuttles ( h=24 m).

    8 SVL (System Vehicle Loops)

    190+240 pallet/h IN+OUT

    Just-in-Time shipment

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  • VERONI – cured meats producer

    A highly automated solution for a cold storage warehouse


    Warehouse height: 24,5 m

    3 double-depth stacker cranes

    5.000 pallets locations

    6 SVL (System Vehicle Loops)

    4 Picking bays

    100 loading units/hour IN+OUT

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Your Industry

Your Industry

Working side by side with clients, System Logistics has developed over the years a high degree of specialization that allows it to offer intra-logistics solutions and material handling "tailored" for major industry sectors, with particular reference to that of the consumer packaged goods.

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