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Work has started on the self-supporting automated warehouse for storage and picking activities

Work at the PEDRALI site in Mornico al Serio (Bergamo, Italy) has begun, where an automatic storage system for finished products will be built.

The new automated warehouse will operate alongside the existing traditional storage, and will manage all loading units of finished product coming from the automated production line and from external sources.

The warehouse will be self-supporting and will have an overall height of around 28 m.

The shelving will be made up of 5 aisles in which 5 stacker cranes equipped with double and triple depth telescopic forks will operate, 8 SVL shuttles and 2 picking bays.

Each bay will have accessories to facilitate operator picking activities, as well as shape and weight control devices.

The automatic warehouse overall capacity will be 16,200 loading units.

Pedrali is an Italian company producing contemporary design furniture for public spaces, offices and homes, entirely developed in Italy at the company's production sites, through a process which brings together tradition and innovation, engineering excellence and creative brilliance.