Automated Logistic Centre for Beverage & Food
produced by Maspex Wadowice Group

The Company
Maspex Wadowice Group is amongst the leading Polish companies in the food industry, being the market leader in the production of juices, nectars and soft drinks in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, and a main player in Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania. It is also one of the biggest manufacturers of instant products in Central & Eastern Europe (cappuccino, cocoa, etc…) and the leader on the pasta market in Poland and a main player in Romania. The Group consists of several Polish and foreign companies, offering to the market several thousand commodity items exported to over 50 countries in Europe, USA, Canada and Arabian countries. Almost all products are leaders in their segments, both in Poland and abroad, and the strongest brands are: Tymbark, Kubus, Ekoland, Puchatek, DecoMorreno, Cremona, LaFesta and Lubella. The high quality of the distribution service has always been part of the Maspex strategy for belonging to the food market leaders.

The task
The continuous growth of its selling volumes forced Maspex toward a better rationalization of the logistic operations done in several factories spread over the Polish territory. Therefore, their decision of collecting at Tychy factory the distribution activities for internal and foreign markets involved multiple targets to be achieved, the main ones of which are: appropriate large storage and handling capabilities; quick making up of the mixed product pallets based on the customer orders; full traceability of each product unit; error-free inventory and deliveries; operative expenditure squeezing; allowing the opportunity of easy future expansion within the available area.
Amongst many options evaluated, the highly automated solution proposed by System Logistics has been selected, as, moreover the fulfilling of all the prefixed targets, it allows to achieve an interesting payback of the investment.

The solution and the results
A storage capacity of 54.000 pallets has been obtained within an area of nearly 9.000 sqm, installing a self-cladding rack 35 m high, in which inside 15 stacker cranes operate, each one of them able to handle 2 pallets at a time.
In front of the rack a 4 floors building has been erected, at which ground floor is located the shipment area, designed to load over 10 trailers every single hour, and at which side is placed the receiving area where to unload the trucks arriving from the other factories. To the first floor is connected a bridge holding a conveyor for the automatic transfer of the pallet produced in the factory located on the other side of a public road. On the same first floor, as such as also on the second one, the case picking activities are settled, based on the “good-to-man” principle, that allows to double the productivity of the workers, well supported in their job thanks to a careful ergonomic design of the working stations. Finally, on the third floor is carried out the layer picking activity, by means of 2 automated robots that by their own are able to fulfil more than 60% of the total picking volume.
To face the high flows of pallets required, the handling system on each floor takes advantage of the SVL monorail steering shuttles technology. The result is therefore a particularly compact installation, where all the operations are made very quickly and at the top efficiency, guaranteeing the delivery of each customer order within the following morning from the reception. All the operations are managed by the Systore® WMS, developed by System Logistics and connected to the company system SAP. The used technologies and the
modularity on which the whole project has been based guarantee the top operative reliability and the opportunity of an easy transition during the next extension, already planned up to more than 86.000 pallet storage.