Our Warehouse Control System is a combination of Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Material Flow Computer (MFC), which means that it offers a comprehensive solution package (WCS). It can be used to perfectly network, control and administratively monitor processes, goods flows and storage areas.

  • Future-proof: Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art software technologies, our Warehouse Control System is ready for future challenges and upgrades
  • Integrated: As part of SitePilot Logistics Execution, WCS is also fully compatible with other SitePilot software solutions
  • Tailored to the industry: The system has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of the beverage and liquid food industry – and is backed by decades of industry experience
  • User-friendly: Our software impresses with clear user guidance and a reduced manual workload
  • Transparent: Numerous control options with countless options for on-board reporting, statistics and KPIs enable comprehensive integrated control and analysis
  • Time-saving: Virtual commissioning and a virtual test environment guarantee rapid a go-live and the highest degree of quality

Our automation technology is based on a modular component system. This reduces complexity and thus generates significant efficiency advantages. In turn, this enables fast commissioning and scalable expansions.    

  • Future-proof: The very latest engineering and modern, high-quality components ensure the greatest possible future security
  • Qualitative: A high degree of standardised software modules minimises the potential for errors during commissioning
  • Standardised: The modular components not only reduce the complexity of the system, but also give you the option of expanding it at any time
  • Sustainable: Modern, regulated drive technology with a DC link and regenerative units make the systems particularly energy efficient and therefore sustainable
  • Simple: The software can be easily accessed from anywhere in the production facility using a tablet

The SCADA system for system visualisation and control displays entire warehouses in two dimensions. It thus provides an overview of the complete intralogistics. It impresses particularly with its uncomplicated and user-friendly operation: since the information is presented on mobile devices, the system can be used in any location, and the multi-touch navigation ensures intuitive, clear handling. 

  • Clear: The detailed, two-dimensional representation makes it incredibly easy to find your way round the system
  • Detailed: The zoom factor and thus the level of detail can be freely selected – ranging from the status of the complete line to a single sensor level view
  • Simple: In addition to a control station, the system can be accessed from anywhere on the entire production site using tablets
  • User-friendly: Multi-touch navigation enables intuitive and clear operation

SAP EWM - Extended Warehouse management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) is a hugely flexible warehouse management software package that is capable of meeting the increasingly complex demands of modern warehouse logistics.

  • Future-proof: Thanks to the standard integration with SAP ERP and SAP technologies, SAP EWM is ready for future requirements and upgrades
  • Integrated: The system offers highly integrated materials flow control
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