About Us

System Logistics is a leading global supplier of innovative intralogistics and material handling solutions seeking to optimise the supply chain of warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing operations worldwide. With a special focus on the Food & Beverage and Grocery industry, System Logistics develops tailor-made solutions for automated storage and picking, including stacker cranes, material handling, software and services. Most of the technologies we use in our solutions are fully engineered, developed, produced and installed internally by System Logistics. This allows us to have complete mastery of the process. We are a long-term, reliable partner: working closely with our customers, we develop flexible solutions that address the challenges they face every day and that will grow and change together with them in the future.


We have 40-years’ experience in material handling and intra-logistics. Our people have excellent knowledge of the industry in which the customer operates. This means they can propose tailor-made solutions to best manage the complexity of the customer’s business.


We know that our solutions can impact upstream/downstream our customers’ organisation. For this reason, we always consider our customers’ entire value chain and their short and long term targets, thus contributing to their profitable growth.


Design, Creativity and Innovation capabilities are the foundation of our success. Every year System Logistics invests in R&D activities. We set up fruitful cooperation with world-class research centres, leading to innovative solutions that improve the quality of labour and efficiency.


System Logistics is a young, lean and dynamic company. The organisation enhances customer orientation, and our people are always easy to reach and they provide prompt answers. 

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