At System Logistics, we firmly believe in inclusion, diversity and wellbeing of our employees. Our work environment is challenging and rewarding.

You will be able to work in hybrid mode and with flexible working hours for a better work-life balance.

An in-house corporate restaurant is available to System Logistics' employees, so that they can use it freely for healthy and sustainable eating.

In addition, our Corporate Supplementary Agreement is the result of important internal discussion and active listening, based on which System Logistics has recognised and provides higher employment standards vs. basic collective bargaining in terms of work-life balance, parenting and remuneration, on- and off-site. 


At System Logistics, we know how a strong, close-knit team is the key to success. Therefore, devoting time to team building activities is crucial for us. We organise events away from screens and desks, providing valuable opportunities to strengthen ties among team members and foster even more effective collaboration. We believe that these experiences outside the traditional work environment are essential to our journey toward shared success.

Join System Logistics' Team!


The new headquarters in the heart of Modena's Innovation Valley have been designed with a clear objective: to create a state-of-the-art work environment focused on well-being and added value for our employees.


We are Welfare Champions because of our commitment to providing a rewarding work environment and promoting people's wellbeing.


For continuous improvement of our organisation, each year we collect, through anonymous surveys open to all employees, feedback on key aspects of corporate life: learning & development, leadership & management, work-life balance & welfare.

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