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Sustainability is increasingly becoming a beacon for defining the future strategies of an organisation and we believe strongly in this. Our company vision looks to the future, always rooted in values that transcend eras and generations. We are fully aware of being part of the bigger picture, of our duty of contributing to the development of the local communities in which we operate, without ever losing sight of the hope for a better world for all.

Our 2022 Sustainability Report is online. Another year in which our company has taken action on many fronts to improve our impact on the environment and society, a commitment we make every day not just to our local community, but to the World. We never get tired of repeating it: at System Logistics, sustainability is not only value, but a goal that is concretely pursued year after year. Discover all the steps we are taking towards all of our 2030 objectives.

2021 sustainability report

2022 sustainability report


System Logistics has always looked to the future, with the awareness of having to contribute to the development of the communities in which it operates without ceasing to hope for a positive impact at a global level. On this occasion, the company decided to provide its contribution through the establishment of a partnership with Treedom, putting into practice a concrete and tangible initiative: the forest System logistics. The project involves the initial planting of about 550 trees, corresponding to the number of people present in the Headquarters. To create an increasingly large and lush forest, the company decided to continue planting a new tree for each new employee who will join the System Logistics family and for each new birth of employees' children. The environmental value of the Forest System Logistics is undeniable, as the planting of trees is one of the most effective methods for climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation. But social value is equally important, as the choice to plant 550 trees in different rural areas in the south of the world supports local communities that benefit directly from trees in terms of food resources and economic opportunities.

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