Systore® is System Logistics’ software for the management of automated solutions in the field of corporate intralogistics.

Created for automation

Entirely designed and developed within System Logistics, Systore® encloses in a single package all the tools required for fully checking the different technologies that make up an intralogistics solution, such as stacker cranes, mini-load systems, FRS (Fast Rotation Storage), AGVs, shuttle cars, SVL (System Vehicle Loops) systems, robots, pallet and package transport, but also third party machines and software, with the support of an advanced graphical interface with real-time display of what is happening in the system.

Single product and total flexibility

The modular structure and the wide range of customization options ensure the high scalability of Systore®: an “All-In-One” product that considers the system as one single entity, guaranteeing top performance and control and fully meeting customers’ needs.


Systore® WCS - Warehouse Control System chooses the machines involved in the handling operations and determines their correct sequence. This optimises the paths of the loading units handled and ensures full traceability. The System is equipped with an interactive interface that is updated in real time and offers different levels of detail and zooming on areas and sub-areas. The WCS user interface displays the status and errors of each machine and allows parameter configuration, offering detailed diagnostics of system parts.


Systore® WMS - Warehouse Management System is an advanced tool for managing data, master data and all the customised logistics processes that characterise the system. It includes all the functions required for managing the loading units and their content and it manages the logics and algorithms for storage, material selection and manual and automatic picking, optimising the use of equipment and labour. The System holds statistical data, providing detailed and customisable reporting.


Systore® Pocket was created for the management of manual areas: it uses handheld or vehicle-mounted devices to guide operators while they perform acceptance, storage, picking, inventory and truck loading activities. The Client-Server structure manages a potentially unlimited fleet of portable devices connected with Wi-Fi technology. Architecturally combined with the other system components, Systore® Pocket also has a wide range of statistical data that can be produced in customisable reports.


Systore® Best Fit is the tool that guides the robotic picking systems (MOPS) when building mixed pallets for end customers. It manages the detailed master data of products and their physical features, and is compatible with other items. Best Fit controls the creation of mixed pallets by applying the palletising rules requested from the end customer. The position of each product in the pallet is designed to optimise pallet stability. This makes delivery easier because layer- or column-structured pallets can be built.


Systore® Host Connection is the module that interfaces with the customer and interacts with existing business applications in total synergy. It easily dialogues with all commercially available management software, ERP and WMS, providing different connection technologies (Web Service, Shared DataBase Tables, XML Files, Text Files ...).

Systore® MIS Management Information System

Systore® MIS  - Management Information System is a WEB application that uses dynamic WEB pages to monitor the system. Statistics, material flows and performances are available on any device that can reach the WEB Server. Systore® MIS is a cross-functionality tool that collects data and information taken from all the other components. Its purpose is to support decision making, ensure responsibility and process key information for KPI analysis.

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