People Development


When choosing a company, one of the most relevant motivating factors is represented by the opportunities for professional development and growth.

Growth is an intrinsic desire that manifests itself in various forms, but it is essentially related to the aspiration to progress in a constantly changing world.

Within System Logistics, we developed Shape Your Future, a program dedicated to the advancement of our employees.

With Shape Your Future, all System Logistics people have the opportunity to share their career goals and be included in a process focused solely on their future.


System Logistics' Academy is a unique opportunity for continuous learning.

We provide a wide range of courses to enhance both soft skills, such as communication, time management and problem solving, and hard skills, such as programming, automation and process management. Our aim is to ensure that our employees are at the forefront of the skills required by the market.

Our Academy is a strategic investment in fostering a dynamic and innovative work environment, in which our employees can find all the tools required to achieve their highest potential.  


We offer our employees a customised, one-to-one business coaching experience specifically designed to address the daily challenges that arise within each organisation.

This unique opportunity allows them to broaden their professional awareness, thus enabling them to achieve effective and efficient performance.


Across Borders is the worldwide, 6-month cross-cultural exchange program held at Krones locations or System Logistics branches. It is aimed at improving and confirm the professional skills of System Logistics' employees worldwide.
The program represents a valuable opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge by experiencing a new work context, to grow their team by sharing best practices, and to engage with valuable cultural diversity.


We believe in the potential and development of young Talents. Internship pathways, both curricular and extracurricular ones, promote the meeting between the company needs and those of young people seeking opportunities for growth. Induction in System Logistics through the Talent Program supports professional development and ensures continuous updating of skills be means of specific training paths and on-the-job coaching. 

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