Coca-Cola HBC Hungary, a member of the Coca Cola HBC AG group that serves 600 million con-sumers and operates in 29 countries, is the lead-ing producer, bottler and seller of soft drinks in the domestic market. With 1100 employees and a portfolio of more than 100 product references, including Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, FUZETEA and Jack Daniel’s, 90% of the company production is found within its Hungarian plant. Coca-Cola HBC Hungary, in addition to serving the domes-tic market 24/7, exports more than 40 different products to 26 additional countries.


The production and distribution hub of Coca Cola HBC is located in the outskirts of Budapest, namely in Dunaharaszti. This is one of the sites with the highest concentration of picking activities with respect to the entire Hellenic facilities in Europe. The customer, who had been searching for years for an innovative technology that would allow a gradual and flexible introduction of automation into its order preparation core centres, in 2019 decided to enter into a partnership with System Logistics to develop a pilot PickMate system with the aim of validating its suitability for use within its distribution network.


  • Flexibility of the PickMate system for food&beverage product management.
  • SYSTORE®, the software with Best Fitting suite, optimizes space and wedges products onto pallets.
  • Wearisome and dangerous man labour is eliminated.
  • System reconfigurable in both functions and layout (size and number of technologies).
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