Coca-Cola HBC Cesko a Slovensko is a member of Hellenic Bottling Company Group, one of the world’s largest Coca-Cola bottlers and distributor of beverages from Gruppo Campari and Edrington. The company operates a bottling plant in Prague-Kyje and a number of sales and distribution centres for the delivery of products to the business partners.

Following an increase in production volumes, it became necessary to expand the logistics capacity and centralise storage and shipping activities in a single centre, replacing the previous external warehouses. The Prague logistics centre serves the markets of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.


System Logistics was responsible for the design and installation of a new automated storage system that could meet functionality and flow requirements, while at the same time fully complying with the building constraints imposed by the customer.

The materials coming from the Krones production lines are transported via conveyor belts to the automatic warehouse, where stacker cranes operate inside a traditional building, with a total capacity of 21,168 pallet slots. 2 SVL loops connect the production to the warehouse, and the warehouse to the shipping lines.

The system is capable of managing just-in-time shipments, regulating the convergence of the flow of complete pallets with that of mixed pallets (customer orders), which are set up in advance in a special manual area with direct replenishment from the automatic warehouse and then introduced into the system while awaiting the start of the shipment.

This allows the warehouse to sequence the loads towards the tipping stations, thereby optimising shipments to distributors and end customers.


The seamless integration of the new warehouse with the new Krones bottling lines has made the site highly functional, and fully able to meet customers' needs.

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