Madrid Eco Platform is a company belonging to the Coca-Cola Iberian Partners Group that kicked off an important logistics rearrangement project. By tackling this challenge, Coca-Cola Iberian Partners aims at optimising the amalgam of its logistics resources in order to respond eectively to the demands of the Spanish central area's market


This warehouse features 7 stacking cranes, 26 m. tall, which provide an overall flow of:
- 150 pallets/hr inbound.
- 300 pallets/hr outbound.
This system is provided with a "man to goods" picking solution that, through System Logistics's SVL technology, supplies the pick faces made of floor-level gravity roller conveyors. This SVL technology allows to collect pallets from the delivery point of the stacker cranes and to move the goods in a rapid and flexible way within the whole distribution centre. This will help reduce the resources used and the amount of mistakes usually ascribed to these functions. This system is made up of a group of shuttles that circulate along a ring at 3.5m/s, to satisfy the demand for complete pallets and the fulfilling orders of the Picking area.
We designed the picking area with a series of motorised, gravity and floor-level roller conveyors to which complete pallets are conveyed and from which operators may pick the number of loose pieces for each reference (SKU) they need. This process too has been optimised thanks to a Voice Picking system implemented by System Logistics, to streamline as much as possible the preparation of the picking orders and to eliminate the mistakes usually incurred in these areas. 
Among the innovations of this system are: the automatic pallet download, the effective handling of returns, and the combination of simple and double depth shelves, that give the system the right balance of selectivity and effectiveness.
Finally, this project has been designed in such a manner that the system may be easily extended to satisfy any future needs that may arise.
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