Established in 1925, Modelo Group is a leader in the production, distribution and marketing of beer in Mexico. Among the top beer producers in the world, the company
owns seven factories in Mexico, with an annual production capacity of 60 million hectolitres. The Group currently produces and distributes 12 brands of beer, which include Corona Extra, the Mexican blockbuster of beer sales worldwide, as well as brands Modelo Especial, Victoria, Pacífico and bNegra Modelo. Production facilities are settled only in the Mexican area, even if the company exports all over the world, and is present in 159 countries.


In response to problems posed by the management of a high production flow, System Logistics has supplied Modelo with a warehouse that is capable of handling 400 incoming pallets/h, which originate from the production and the bottling lines. The system functions non-stop for 6 days a week, 24 h/day, for a total of 86,400 pallets handled per week, i.e. one pallet every 6 seconds.
A storage capacity of 71,800 pallets (that correspond to 7 days of stock), has been achieved on a surface of approx. 19.300 sq.m., divided into 16 double-depth stocking lanes.
Within the 11 levels of 33.5 Hx120x158 m racks operate 16 stacker cranes of 31 m height, each of them capable of handling 2 pallets of 1,100 kg at a time. Entirely automated, the warehouse is connected to another glassware warehouse through a finger of over 100 m. length, with 16 entrance bays (empty bottle reception line). The 16 bays for the finished product grant the same outgoing pallet flow for shipment. The bays of incoming finished product from the production and of incoming empty bottles are interfaced with 4-pallet QUAD automatic trucks.
A fire-fighting system with over 20,000 sprinklers has been installed in the automatic warehouse. Owing to its high level of automation, the company is able to process orders in a very short time, with reduced personnel.

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